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tisdag 22 april 2014


I am following an internet course called kitchen chemistry, and in this weeks
experiments i learned about different substances and the fundamental states of matter,
Gas, Solid, Liquid and Plasma. It was fun and interesting, and we made three really
funny experiments, one with a spoon and a candle, and one with vinegar
and bicarbonate! I noticed that when you hold a burning matchstick over
the vinegar and bicarbonate, it will be extinguished. Thats because the oxygen is
replaced with Co2, Carbon dioxide, wich doesn't burn. And the third one was cool too,
i lit a candle, and after it had burnt for a while, i extinguished it, and then i could light
it with a match from two centimeters distance! Thats because the wax in the candle creates
a flammable gas.

Heres a link to the course:
Have fun!
 Lighting a candle
 Bicarbonate and vinegar, NaHCO3 and  CH3COOH

And the match goes out

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